lundi 11 février 2013

Our first product: Advanced AI Pro

Coming soon to Unity asset store; Advanced AI Pro, the most advanced and easy-to-implement Artificial intelligence solution for Unity game engine.


  • Compatible with Unity's built-in Navigation & Pathfinding system.
  • Built-in static obstacle avoidance.
  • Three main classes: Enemy, NPC aggressive, and NPC passive.
  • Supports user's own animation tracks (idle, chase, wander, attack, hit, die, flee for NPC).
  • Supports user's own SFX sound tracks for each AI's animation state.
  • AI can randomly wander in the area to search for the target, or just as friendly NPC.
  • AI has its field of view range, attacking behaviors and chasing are based on it.
  • AI has an ear, so it can detect the target behind him by example if this later makes a noise.
  • Easy to implement and to setup. (A single click to create, assign yor animation/sfx, adjust the parameters according to your needs, and you are done).
  • AI can do a melee or ranged attack.
  • Projectile handling for ranged attack.
  • Comes with ready target's health & projectile scripts, no other programming is required.
  • Colored graphical gizmos representation of AI's ranges (view, hearing, wandering, inactive) in the editor window.
  • Full C# source code is available for you to modify it as you want.

More Info & a video tutorial is coming very soon.